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NFL Veteran Combine Holds Potential Value Adds for Titans

The NFL Veterans Combine was held on Saturday, and while some players disappointed, others showed they could potentially still contribute to NFL teams at a low price tag. With Tennessee still looking to fill some holes, here’s some players that were on display Saturday that could help the Titans

Adam Carriker (DE): While he never fully lived up to his first-round pick potential, Carriker was a solid NFL player before a knee injury put an end to things. Throwing Carriker into what’s shaping up to be a deep Titans front seven could help limit the stress on that knee and make him effective in spurts. The signing wouldn’t be an alternative to drafting Leonard Williams or Randy Gregory, but merely a complimentary signing to provide more depth along the defensive line.

Tyler Wilson (QB): Wilson reportedly demonstrated the best arm strength of any quarterback at the combine on Saturday. Who is starting for the Titans under center this year is still a mystery, but giving the former Arkansas standout a shot could prove to give incumbent signal caller Zach Mettenberger some solid competition. Wilson would be a minimal-risk signing, meaning the Titans could still proceed with any plans they had of drafting a quarterback. But with the Titans’ offense in flux, adding more options isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Jamaal Anderson (DE): The logic behind signing Anderson is similar to that of Carriker. But with Anderson, he’s shown a newfound motivation that seemed to lack in his six years in the league. How much he can contribute is unclear, but putting his motivation and whatever’s left of his first-round potential from years ago into Dick LeBeau‘s hands could hold good results.

Mikel Leshoure (RB): Injuries held LeShoure to just 17 games in his first three seasons with the Lions, but he was successful when on the field. The Titans are in need of a physical back with the Shonn Greene experiment failing and LeShoure could be a low-cost solution. Like with the Carriker, Wilson and Anderson, adding LeShoure wouldn’t have to impact any plans the Titans have of adding players at the same position. Coming off a 2-14 season, worrying about having too much talent isn’t a luxury Tennessee has. So giving LeShoure a shot in camp would be a good idea.


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