Titans Must Roll Out Red Carpet for James Harrison


It was reported on Saturday that veteran linebacker James Harrison will decide in the near future between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans. For Harrison, the decision comes down to picking his longtime club or his longtime defensive coordinator (Dick LeBeau, now the associate head coach of Tennessee).

“The opinions of my support team are split, but for me, my love for the man who both started, and made my career what it is, is undeniable,” Harrison said in an Instagram post. “There are no words that I can find that would do justice for everything Dick LeBeau has done for me & my career and nothing can compare to that!

But while Nashville and Harrison’s mentor are calling, there’s also 11 years of history tugging at his heartstrings.

“I also have a great amount of love for Steelers Nation & the Steelers organization,” Harrison continued in his post. “I’m going to pray on this and let God guide me in the right direction.”

While Harrison is clearly not the player he was five years ago, the Titans should still pursue him as if he were the missing piece to a Super Bowl squad. That’s not the case, and it’s not to say Tennessee should be sending Harrison a $10-million contract offer this afternoon. But with multiple Super Bowls to his resume and the remarkable drive and work ethic to still be a productive player at age 36, Harrison would still make a great locker room acquisition and solid addition to a defense in transition.

At the end of the day, nothing the Titans do will likely be the deciding factor in Harrison’s decision, but they should be able to walk away saying they did whatever they could to recruit the former Steeler. Especially if the Titans are planning on taking a defensive player with the second overall pick in the draft, what better mentor to help bring him along in 2015 than Harrison?


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