Tennessee Titans Draft Candidate: Tevin Coleman


It’s been a productive first week of free agency for the Titans. Between keeping several of their own key contributors and adding new weapons on both sides of the ball, the team is significantly better today than they were this time two weeks ago. But with division rivals improving all around them and $20+-million reportedly available in cap space, there’s no excuse to sit back and call it an offseason.

Even if the flashy signings are done, a big part of the offseason still remains. The Titans hold the second overall pick in the draft, which sounds like it will be used to take either quarterback Marcus Mariota or defensive standouts Leonard Williams or Randy Gregory. Any of the three could prove to be impact acquisitions, but the Titans also have six more picks. So how should they go about using them?

One option that hasn’t been brought up nearly enough is Indiana running back Tevin Coleman. While he’s considered a less sexy option than backs like Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon and Georgia’s Todd Gurley, Coleman was still one of the nation’s most dominant backs in 2014. The 6’0, 210-pound back rushed for over 2000 yards last season, notably carrying the Hoosiers past the Missouri Tigers in an upset victory in late September.

The Titans haven’t been linked to Coleman, but he would make for an upgrade over veteran tailback Shonn Greene as the team’s power back and could likely surpass second-year back Bishop Sankey as the team’s starter quickly.

Coleman’s combination of power, size and speed is something only matched by likely-first rounders Gordon and Gurley, both of whom are unlikely to end up in a Titans uniform unless they fall into the second round. While taking Coleman at the top of the second round might be deemed “reaching” by many industry experts, the NFL’s best teams make their success out of taking players that will improve their respective ball clubs instead of worrying about perceived “value.” Coleman would make the Titans significantly better and should be considered when Day 2 kicks off on May 1.


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