Matt Schaub: Option for the Titans?



If recent rumors are any indication of the Titans’ plans at quarterback, they’re looking to take a chance on a new quarterback. Right now, that quarterback is reportedly Sam Bradford. But now there’s another option that could be of intrigue.

The Oakland Raiders released signal caller Matt Schaub on Monday, adding a seasoned veteran to what has at times been characterized as the worst quarterback free agent market ever. Despite struggles in recent seasons, Schaub will likely be a hot commodity for teams weary of drafting a quarterback or contenders in need of a backup. But is he worth checking out?

Schaub is just two years off a season that saw him complete 350 passes for over 4000 yards and 22 touchdowns. After an injury-plagued 2013, the veteran was traded to the Raiders before last season and was ultimately passed over for rookie Derek Carr. The Titans similarly have a young quarterback in Zach Mettenberger, but considering his struggles in 2014, Mettenberger hasn’t done enough that he deserves to be handed the starting job next year without competition.

Charlie Whitehurst and Jordan Palmer currently present Mettenberger’s competition for the starting job next year, neither of which is an overwhelming option. Whitehurst played well in minimal action in 2014 but hasn’t impressed in multiple NFL opportunities thus far. Adding a two-time Pro Bowler to the mix in Schaub would give the Titans a viable candidate to win the job, or would at least push Mettenberger and Whitehurst to show the Titans just what they have.

Alternatively, the Titans could look to draft a quarterback in the draft, with Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota the obvious choices at No. 2 overall. Colorado State’s Garrett Grayson, UCLA’s Brett Hundley and Baylor’s Bryce Petty could also be had later in the draft in the event that Tennessee’s front office isn’t sold on Winston or Mariota. But if the draft isn’t the answer, perhaps Schaub is.


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