Trade Rumors: Titans Shouldn’t Bite on Bradford


Rumors in recent days have suggested the Titans could be looking to deal for Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford, using the second overall pick in the draft and the chance at having Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota to entice Philly coach Chip Kelly into making a deal.

Doing so would take the step forward the Titans have taken in the first week of free agency and bring it some 15 steps back.

Whether Tennessee should take a quarterback with the second pick remains up for debate, but using the pick to get Bradford would be beyond ill-advised.

While it’s fair to say that a portion of Bradford’s NFL struggles can be attributed to playing on sub-par Rams teams, it’s also worth nothing that he’s played in more than 10 games just twice in his first five years. More recently, the 27-year-old has played in just seven games the last two seasons.

Who knows whether Mariota, Jameis Winston or Zach Mettenberger will go on to be durable NFL quarterbacks. But it’d be hard to do much worse than Bradford has thus far. The Titans have a great opportunity to either add a franchise quarterback or a future star at another position with the second overall pick, and using the pick to add a player who has already demonstrated numerous times that he can’t stay on the field would be a waste.

If Kelly called the Titans brass and offered Bradford in exchange for a mid-round pick, the case could be made that the former top pick was worth the risk. But to potentially hand Kelly the keys to a franchise player in exchange for a thus-far mediocre and injury prone quarterback would certainly make the 2-14 season the Titans just finished feel like it was all for nothing.

Hopefully it won’t all be for nothing.


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